Ricky-Lee Campbell – Omnipotent G

Ricky-Lee Campbell – Omnipotent G

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I had a re-look at the entry I submitted last month.

The logo has an eye, which I was inspired to bring into the design from the phrase "We watch your every second". I brought in a hand controlling a puppet to represent control. I wanted the hand and eye to be part of one thing, they watch and control everything.

The text is somewhat opaque, as I wanted to have the eye showing a bit through it. There are dots around the text like you'd see in some eyes. I also have the 'G' going through Omnipotent like a fish hook, as I feel like this brief represented a company trying to "hook" in people and get them hooked into their lies and schemes.

I liked the eye being spread over 3 posters and brought in a bit of text to keep it vague and to the point. My understanding of this company is that they try to convince people they are doing good but are actually doing the opposite.

With the car wrap I had the back side have some different artwork to represent more of the "control and watch" aspect of the brand and included the original eye with the hand and puppet. Then the front side I have some text and the logo.

I wanted the shirt to have a cool pattern on the back and represent what I understood as the overall theme (Watch and control) then a subtle small text logo.

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