Njabulo Magudulela – Omnipotent G

Njabulo Magudulela – Omnipotent G

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My creative process behind the "Blind Hearings" poster illustration for Omnipotent G delves into the concept of false peace and the suppression of dissenting voices. Through a thought-provoking visual narrative, the illustration aims to challenge the illusion of harmony by depicting a man wearing headphones that obscure his vision, symbolising the wilful blindness to dissent and the manipulation of truth.

The "Blind Hearings" poster illustration serves as a poignant critique of false peace and the suppression of dissent, encapsulating the dangers of wilful ignorance and the manipulation of truth. Through a meticulous creative process rooted in conceptualisation, research, and execution, the illustration challenges viewers to question the illusion of harmony and confront the realities of oppression and censorship.

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