Nicolette Human – Omnipotent G

Nicolette Human – Omnipotent G

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For this brief the slogan of “we do everything for you” made me think of swooshing a magic wand in the air to make your dreams come true. Hence, I approached my design with a whimsical, magical, dreamy feel. I have used elements such as stars, the moon, purples and blue to convey this feeling.

I further have used the phrase “we watch your every second, we know before the time” as inspiration. A peacock came to mind, with their tail feathers that have “eye-like” characteristics – watching your every second. The eyes on the peacock's feathers are thought to represent the stars in the heavens in some cultures. Transporting you to a different magical world. A butterfly (wings), peacock, dragonfly all represent the idea of transformation and change – which in this case is up to the “eye” of the beholder, to be either positive or negative.

A peacock can also be seen as a mystical creature who is captivating you with their beautiful feathers, drawing you into their circle. Their feathers may represent protection, divination, and light magic. I love to paint and be creative, and therefore added my personal touch of paint tubes to this design.

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