Nicolette Human – CNAZ

Nicolette Human – CNAZ

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My interpretation of the brief was inspired by the lines “we now walk and talk with royal robe” and “bait we offer you”. Both these lines I can relate to the animal kingdom, and in particular the HAWK, a bird of prey. A hawk is a beautiful, regal bird, however, can be dangerous. It keeps watch from a distance, and you will not see it strike – only when it is too late. Just like this 'party' they roam above others (quite literally, but also figuratively).

I incorporated a feather and mandala into my design to evoke a tribal feeling. Feathers represent ascension and spiritual strength and the mandala is representative of the cosmos. I wanted to reflect the Hawk's beauty and power through the use of bright energetic colors and emphasise the wings with an outline. Although hawks are mostly active during the day, I wanted to do the unexpected/ change the rules (just like this CNAZ party) and have them be active at night. I have used ‘target’ graphics to convey the message of “we have our eyes set on you” – you are the bait!

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