Kyle Deeley – Electrocom

Kyle Deeley – Electrocom

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In my entry centred around Electrocom, I aimed to combine the essence of sustainable energy and seamless electrical connectivity. By intertwining the infinity symbol with a plug, I aimed to convey the notion of endless power as well as the continuous flow of energy.

This combination not only symbolises the infinite potential of Electrocom's offerings, but also represents the seamless integration of their products into daily life. The choice of a green gradient serves dual purposes: it signifies environmental consciousness and embodies the vibrant energy associated with electricity.

Additionally, incorporating "electrical wires" as design elements further reinforces the brand's core identity while visually illustrating the concept of connectivity and power distribution. Coupled with the slogan "Premium Wattage Delivered To Your Door," the design conveys the message of high-quality, sustainable solutions tailored to meet the needs of consumers.

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