Annelle Westley – Omnipotent G

Annelle Westley – Omnipotent G

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I loved working with this brief and looking at it a bit contrarily. I have incorporated fun elements, slang copy and of course the futuristic aspects. This is all an attempt to give a glance of light and hope to the stressful and utterly depressing circumstances we surround ourselves with these days. Let Omnipotent Ganja do everything for you. Upload your calendar, your health, feelings, you know what, upload anything you want they take care of everything. The satisfaction comes when you relax and enjoy your daily routine while taking a pull on the World’s First AI Operated Vaping System. Once inhaled it connects with your AI Profile and the rest you leave up to the Omnipotent G AI system to handle.

I have invested in the Omnipotent G AI System and have to say I have had no signs of responsibility or pain only happiness. It’s hard to admit but there is no need for mothers, fathers, sisters or brothers. That is so has-been. I am salivating for my next pull of Top-Shelf Marijuana (Ganja) with the diverse array of terpenes, and its stunning aromatic sensations. Yes, Pavlov’s dog I am to Omnipotent Ganja. The greatest benefit is, that it is Omnipotent you never have to refill it is always available everywhere thanks to the AI system.

Be aware. Once you are an Omnipotent Ganja AI System user they demand obedience, gratitude, and loyalty from you. Failure to do so resolves in long-term elimination.

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