Annelle Westley – CNAZ

Annelle Westley – CNAZ

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While reading the morning news, listening to the radio in the car and travelling on our roads with voting posters on every lamp post, this brief became more irresistible by the day. As events unfolded, the word “vote” and the phrase, “The battle of the warrior” became our daily bread… With this brief, whispering harsh statements to the point, I have used plain and clean lines, with recognisable colours connecting suggested opposing parties. AMUZ is the leading party in this brief, together with the deconstructed warrior logo and CNAZ’ colours that belong to the opposition party. By implementing these colours and reversed fonts, CNAZ wins a great part of the population’s vote with the promise, “a reward awaits you”. This is a true illustration of fantasy and real life collaborating into an artistic mock-up imitating the current visual and auditory tsunami experienced by the majority citizens. Time will tell how much is given and how much was taken.

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