Amanda Espag – Omnipotent G

Amanda Espag – Omnipotent G

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Welcome to the greatest show on earth – YOU!

The world is a stage and we are the ringleaders that control this circus you call life. We will entertain you with spectacle and excitement as you relinquish control to us. Forget about the burdens of responsibility and escape to our make believe world where all you need is us and we do everything for you. No responsibility, nor pain, only your happiness is our aim. A crucial aspect of any control system is power. Just like a ringleader commands attention and directs the performers in a circus, I wanted to showcase how Omnipotent G commands the acts in our lives.

I incorporated circus-inspired design elements such as decorative fonts with a vintage flair, clown and jester elements on the logo and shirt, ringleader’s podium for the vehicle and illusionist magic in the poster – all of it transforms into a delightful and memorable experience that captures the imagination of viewers.

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