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Vinyl Vehicle Car Wrap Advertising, Graphics Design Competition


The Wrap2theMax competition is based on real world vehicle wraps, not on fictitious designs - in order for you to design for real companies and create some portfolio work of actual workable designs.
Judging this year will be done on a few key areas...


Each design has a specific brief that needs to be followed. You will be judged on how well you stuck to the design brief and how well you interpreted the brief.
If the client asked for their website address and payoff line to be on the design and you left it off by mistake - this will count against you. If you use yellow in the design and the client asked you to avoid yellow - this will not be good for you. So please read the briefs very carefully and interpret the design brief and more importantly - make it yours! Just like in talent competitions that don't want the contestants to sing the song the same as the original, but want them to improve on it - to make it theirs - so too do we want you to read the brief, but then make the design yours! Be brave and have fun!


Its often what the client doesn't say that can impress. Take a moment to see if you can learn more about the clients company before you start designing the vehicle wrap. While the design briefs contain a lot of information, they also do not hold all the answers to the perfect design. Clients expect you to look deeper and come up with something that will dazzle and excite. For example you may think of a novel design that will really capture imagination in traffic, that the client hasn't asked for - but when they see it, they will be blown away.


A large part of vehicle design is being able to conceptualize and present how the car could look. You are showing a client how their can can look once it's printed - so it should look impressive, it should meet or exceed their brief and it should be able to be printed at the right quality. So while you present a great looking car on paper, can it be reproduced at the right size and at the right quality?
We will be looking at your presentation and looking at your work files to see if what you have presented can be reproduced well.


The competition is created to showcase Roland equipment and solutions and to also promote vehicle wraps as a really cost effective medium of advertising in tough financial times.
So if you design a vehicle wrap that really blows the client away and they would like to print it and apply it to the vehicle, we will facilitate this and the client will be required to pay a design fee to you of R2000 plus R500 for every other car after that.
So you may not win the design competition, but if a few clients choose your design, you could be in the money!


The judges will be chosen forom key people in the design, advertising, marketing and signage industries. Each month 4 judges will be chosen to judge a winner. The public will also be invited to vote for their favourite designs. When deciding a winner, the judges will consider the public option and make their ultimate decision. Judging is totally transparent, and yes, the judges have the final word.


The R75 entry fee is for each design. So, if you enter 10 times, you will need to pay R750. Your money goes to a charity that was established by Roland South Africa. Houses have been bought and setup and equipped with all the facilities to run a household and each have a house mother who looks after around a dozen kids in each home. These kids have been orphaned by the aids pandemic and this at least provides them a warm home and the chance to lead a normal life. Your entry fees will go to this incredibly good cause.

Next Round deadline 31 july 2009 have you entered yet?

About Vehicle Wraps

About designing vehicle wraps and what we are looking for when you design.



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