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Vinyl Vehicle Car Wrap Advertising, Graphics Design Competition

Design For Good

Aids is a terrifying pandemic. Terrifying to behold. But even more terrifying when your parents are lost to it and you are left all alone.


This is where your design can do a lot of good...
As we all know design is a key component of change, often design has been responsible for causing social change. Design differentiates products and brands and it influences perceptions and ideals. But here, you entry fee will go directly in assisting children that have lost their parents due to aids.

Roland are very aware of their social responsibilities and donate regularly to these homes that take care of these kids. In the hope that in some small way we can help them have a better life. The money goes towards helping equip these homes with items they need and to provide financial assistance to the house mothers who have taken on the responsibility to bring these children up in a caring environment.

We live on a continent that has a lot of suffering and although we are not exposed to it each day, it doesn′t mean it′s not there.

PLEASE enter the 2theMax design competitions, encourage your friends as well, there are fantastic prizes up for grabs. And even if you do not win, know that your entry free has perhaps made a young child′s day a little easier.

All proceeds will be donated to AIDS orphan education at Sparrow Village and Vuleka, administrated by the Hamba Phambile Trust. ARB will audit the entries.


Name :
Email :


Alternatively you can pay using PayPal - use the address -

Or you can do a direct deposit into our bank account.

Standard Bank

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa
Account number: 001736515
Branch: Bramley
Branch Code: 004005
Account Holder: In-Detail Advertising

Please ensure you use your name on your payment so we may identify it easily.

Fax or e-mail proof of payment to:
Fax: +27 (0) 11 615-8760



Watch this space, this is where we will annouce the total we managed to gather together for this worthy cause.

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