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Vinyl Vehicle Car Wrap Advertising, Graphics Design Competition


The competition started officially in June 2009 and will run until end April 2010. The final judging and winner will be announced at the Sign Africa Show in Cape Town on 5-6 May 2010.


  • Simply select a design brief that you like, then design a vehicle wrap according to the brief and information supplied, submit your design and encourage all your friends to vote for you!
  • You can enter as many designs as you like!
  • Each entry costs R75, this will be donated to a charity that supports children who have been orphaned from the AIDS pandemic. So you entry money goes to a really good cause.
  • Each month a winner will be selected from the entries sent in that month to win a Laptop, and shortlisted to win the main prize in April 2010.
  • A first, second and third prize winner will also be chosen in April 2010 from ALL the entries who have not won a monthly prize. So even in you do not win in the monthly prizes, you could win a runner up prize.

Submitting your entry - Enter as many times as you like. We will review the entries before we post them up for voting. So please submit your entries the moment you have them!


Your design will be seen by your fellow designers and to the general web public through this website. Online votes received will influence your chances of winning, but the ultimate FINAL decision will be made by a panel of four expert design judges chosen from the design and branding industries. Each month a new set of judges is introduced to vote on the entries.


OVER R300,000 (±USD $37,000) worth of prizes to be given away!

12 Monthly Winners

Win a laptop each month for 11 months! Your choice of Mac or PC Laptop. A winner will be chosen each month from designs submitted that month. A design that has won previously cannot win again, as it is in the running to win the grand prize. But a designer can have more than one of their designs win. So enter as many designs as you like!

1 Main Overall Winner

One main winner will win the overall competition and win a cash prize of R50,000
This main winner is chosen from the winning entries from the 11 finalists. So to get your shot at the big daddy prize, you need to make sure you win a monthly prize. If you don't win one month, enter to win the following month.This is ultimately the main winner of the competition. The guys who can claim the title of the Wrap2theMax Kingpin.

3 Runners up

A first second and third prize. These will be chosen from the entries that did NOT win a monthly prize. This gives the guys who did not win a chance to win.
This consists of a first prize of R30,000, a second prize of R20,000 and a third prize of R10,000!

Monthly Winner

Monthly Winner


After many requests, we have decided that we will allow you to RE-SUBMIT an entry into one of the monthly draws. So if you did not win in one month, you can re-submit your enrty into new open month for judging. As its a re-submission, you will need to pay the entry fee again.
Entry fees go to a worthwhile charity here in South Africa.
UPDATE YOUR ARTWORK: However, you can update your design as well at the same time, so if you feel that you can improve your design to get a better result, you can send us updated artwork, and we will update your entry.
You just need to e-mail your updated artwork to us at


The judges decision is final and all that stuff can be read on the terms and conditions page.


The Wrap2theMax final wrap party will happen at the Sign Africa Show 2010 in Cape Town on 5 to 6 May 2010. This is held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)


The awesome ROLAND machines that can print your vehicle wraps are:

Printed Roland

WANT ONE? Are you are thinking of starting your own business or adding vehicle wraps or large format printing to your existing service?